Home Inspections For Sellers

Selling Your Home?
Want to improve Your Bottom Line?
Invest in a Marketing Inspection!

Home buyers will almost certainly make an offer that is contingent on the results of an inspection, and they will almost certainly make an amended offer based on the results of that inspection.  Your goal is to improve your Bottom Line by minimizing the difference between your asking price and closing price, and have the entire process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.  A marketing inspection will play an important role in achieving this goal by…

  • • Creating buyer confidence by positioning you as “up front and straight forward,” relieving prospects’ concerns, anxieties and suspicions.  The ultimate gesture of “seller’s honesty.”
  • • Revealing to you what a buyer’s inspector is likely to report.
  • • Identifying adverse conditions and potential safety & health hazards, many of which may be easily and inexpensively corrected by you.  A follow up inspection can be provided to confirm and document, for display, corrective measures implemented (an additional fee may apply).

Don’t burden the buyer with repairs!

  • • Receiving some DIY repair tutoring during the inspection.
  • • Allowing you to disclose on the condition report those conditions & hazards that you do not wish to correct, potentially making them less negotiable.  A copy of the report can be displayed for potential buyers to review.
  • • Enabling you to negotiate from a much stronger position.
  • • Minimizing your (and your agent’s) liability by identifying problems that you may not be aware of that could otherwise be an issue after the sale closes.
  • • Satisfying the requirements of third parties in the transaction such as realtors, attorneys, appraisers, lenders, insurers and title companies.
  • • Attracting more potential buyers and reducing buyer resistance.
  • • Reducing the probability of the buyer requiring an inspection.
  • • Posting a sign with your “For Sale” sign that states…

A seller’s Marketing Inspection is identical to a buyer’s inspection and is performed in accordance with the Wisconsin Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.  For a better understanding of the State of Wisconsin Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors, follow this link:

This small investment can yield a big return.